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Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

If you have ever used traditional strip lashes, you probably are familiar with the strip adhesive, aka sticky glue from hell! This glue is the reason strip lashes intimidate people. Without lots of practice, you risk entering into a messy situation! So it is no surprise when eyelash beauty trends come out with new, easy alternatives, people want the opportunity to try! One of the most current trends we are seeing today is magnetic lashes. With the word "magnetic", some people are wondering; are magnetic lashes safe?


Let's go ahead and get the obvious answers out of the way. If you have any allergies to iron or nickel, you are not a good candidate for magnetic lashes. If you are someone who has allergies to costume jewelry or anything of that sort you won't want to put magnets near your eyes. Also, those with eczema should also stay away in the unfortunate case you are sensitive to the metals and have a reaction.

Ok, now we have learned those with allergies to metals or sensitivities such as eczema are out of the question. Let's find out more and learn about magnets being safe near the eyes. Companies that sell these types of lashes are saying there is enough research to show they are not harmful to healthy eyes. Their reasoning is that the magnets are too small to cause any sort of damage. The magnet would have to be a rather large magnet to cause any real harm. Even with this information, some feel a tad bit weary about having magnets that closely placed to their eyes, even though they have been tested with no adverse reactions.

The information about magnetic lashes is not a lot, being that this is a relatively new trend, but with this information, you should use your discretion and decide for yourself if you are wondering "are magnetic lashes safe"? 

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