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Eyelash Extension Care

Everything you need to know about your lash extensions are going to be explained in this following blog. It is very important to know how to maintain your eyelash extensions so that they last long and look stunning. Following

these procedures will guarantee great extension experience for you and whoever you know that wants to apply them. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact and ask us.

Avoid water for 24 hours.

It is crucial to anyone who gets the extension procedure done to understand that the lashes need time to seal and 24 hours is the usual time that has to be waited after a session. If you wear makeup that day, remove it with wipes and avoid touching the eye area. Instead of showering it is recommended to bathe instead. When showering you can easily forget about it and stick your face in the water.

When using water, make sure it is lukewarm. Really hot water is bad for your skin and most importantly your lashes! It begins to melt the adhesive. For extra care, take a spoolie or eyelash brush and go over your lashes with it to remove excess water.

No oil based products!

Skipping oil based products is the best for your extensions. Mascara, eyeliners and foundations can contain oil and this loosens the adhesive of your lashes that keep them in place. Sitting for 2 hours and having your lashes fall after a day is not what I wish for anyone.

IF you absolutely need mascara, we recommend that you DO NOT use waterproof based mascaras. Water based mascara (like Maybelline’s Great Lash) is what you’d want to use lightly on the tips of your lashes.

No eyelash curlers...

Correctly applied extensions will curl up naturally so don’t even think about picking up that curler! It’s a huge crime to curl your extensions because they can accidentally get plucked out.

Stay away from high heat.

Just like hot water, pointing your hair dryer near the extensions with hot air is bad. Avoid high heat cooking, or being next to a campfire. Even to the best applied lashes, the heat will straighten them out and loosen the adhesive holding them.

Wash ‘Em.

There is special shampoo and conditioner for your lashes especially if you’ve been in a dust storm, ocean or pool. Getting bleach, salt, eye shadow and dust out of your lashes is very important. Make sure that any product used is oil free. Follow any specific directions if provided. Don’t forget to use a spoolie for better results!

You can also use sealing products on them to protect them from all those particles. A light coat is what's recommended.

Satin Pillowcase.

Not only does satin look luxurious and feel great. The silkyness of them reduces friction, and this is healthy for the eyelash extensions and even your hair. Sleeping on your back or side helps reduce any pressure onto the lashes.

Rough rubbing or pulling in the lashes is prohibited! Picking at them is a bad idea. Contact your stylist for any help if you want to remove them.

Upkeep Those Babies!

Scheduling an appointment for eyelash maintenance is also very important, especially when your lashes grow quickly. A fill may be needed about every 2 or 3 weeks. This will help those lashes keep looking stunning and fresh!

Following these seven rules will make your eyelash extension experience way better. If you don’t know if this procedure is for you, there’s nothing wrong in trying it out. Midnight Lashes, located in Denver, would love to answer any doubts that you may have about the process or maintenance. Schedule your appointment today!

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