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Eyelash Extensions: Today’s Hottest Trends

The eyelash extension industry is booming and shows no signs of slo

wing down. With ever-evolving beauty trends, clients are after some of the latest looks in the lash world. Here are 2020’s hottest trends:

Texture Symmetrically perfect mega volume is on its way out as texturizing takes its place. Clients are looking for more expressive designs. They can attain this by mixing curls, diameters and multiple lengths with wide volume fans is a great way to attain the textured feathery look. Whether you use hand made volume fans or pre-made fans - it's all about adding them to individual lashes across the lash line. Natural but Dramatic

Originally, eyelash extensions were there to highlight the look of your natural lashes, but now it’s all about that added drama and boosting! The latest lash extension looks to keep that natural appearance but with eyelashes that look a lot more dramatic. Think thick, long, bold lashes that still look natural. Color & Sparkle An industry expert may refer to certain lash extensions as “Mermaid eyelashes”. The colored extensions employed to achieve the look a

re mostly blue, purple, and green shades, sometimes with hints of yellow. For stunning results and natural look, you should balance between the added colors and natural lash color. Some may feel that color simply isn’t enough. No, no, they must hav

e bling and sparkle! Glitter mascara (oil free of course!) and glitter lash extensions are used to achieve this over the top look. Bottom Lashes Typically it’s the top set of eyelashes that gets all of the attention with extensions. 2020 welcomes a new trend that now includes extensions on the bottom lashes. This new technique provides even more eye definition and will create

a more cohesive look. Start your lash adventure today by calling Midnight Lashes, located right outside of Denver, in Lakewood, CO. Always remember, “Life is short, but your lashes don’t have to be”.

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