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Spring Beauty Review

Spring is right around the corner… How exciting! This is for all you beauty lovers and the beauty community. From makeup to skin care to eyelash extensions, how should we tackle this season? Read more if you wanna find out.

Freshen up!

In order for you to have better makeup routines and glowing skin you definitely should remember to wash up everyday. Figuring out your skin type is super important so that you can know when and how to wash your face.

It is known that for oily skin, two times a day is recommended. One in the morning and one wash in the evening. Washing too much dries up the skin.

Dry skin is recommended to wash up once, and that would be at night. Or just removing makeup would be fine. This way you’ll be looking fresh and natural for spring. Luke warm water is always recommended when washing your face.

Upgrade Your Makeup!

A big tip for fresh and breathable skin is to keep your makeup minimal and avoid dark colors. Spring is all about the neutral hues like natural rose and peach for the cheeks.

Browns look great for shadow and eyeliner. Glosses or pink/red lips are stunning for the season. Don’t forget to keep your lips hydrated with water and balm. Make sure to pick products that suit your likes and make you happy! A cosmetic upgrade will help you pop for spring.

Skin Prep!

Changes in the season cause changes in the skin, have you noticed? In this upcoming season, take advantage to freshen up with new skin care products and whatever you feel that you need to glow! Sunscreen is going to be needed now that the sun will begin to do it’s thing. SPF 20 is recommended but if the sun is very strong then go up to 50 or go higher. Don’t forget your vitamins (A and C most importantly) so that your year will feel much better.

Spring Hair

Natural hair looks flawless for this season. Maybe a trim to remove any damaged ends or to feel as new as the season will be helpful. Make sure to get shampoo and conditioner that will make your hair shine and look healthy as much as it can. For windy days, let’s try to avoid damage by tieing our hair back in a ponytail or even with a scarf. Whatever suits your style. Anti-frizz spray can also be a must for this season to get that perfect look!

Mani & Pedi

Of course this is the season where you will be showing off your sandals, so foot care is going to be needed. Removing calluses, massaging, buffing, clipping and trimming will get those feet into shape! Make sure that you pick a nice polish tone for this season (and that it’ll match your tan). The same is recommended for your nails. Keeping it natural will have you glowing better than ever! The first step is to moisturize your cuticles (cuticle oils are great), then massage the nail bed with lotion and top it off with a warm colored polish.

Fragrance Change

Not only is it time to quit layering our clothes but it’s also time to switch up our fragrance choice. Choose something fresh and light but make sure that it matches who you are! If it’s for a special someone, you can’t go wrong with a lightly scented fragrance.

Eye Care

Remember to use your sunglasses wherever you go. The sun from no one will get more intense and it does affect your eyes! Glasses will also protect your eyes from those windy days where dust is flying everywhere. This is a tip that is recommended pretty much for the whole year!

Eating Habits

Fruits and vegetables become more available this time of year and fresher than last season. Take advantage of these to stay healthy and radiate flawless skin. Happiness will be on your side as you enjoy the in season of the most delicious products from mother nature.

So, are you ready to show spring who’s boss? I hope you are! These tips are very important in order to have a better year than the last. Let’s give 2020 all that we’ve got! Midnight Lashes wants to wish you a happy spring. Count on us for an amazing lash extension experience!

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