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Travel Beauty Hack… Eyelash Extensions!

I’m pretty sure all of you beautiful people are tired of the snow and ready to go get that sun kissed vacay! I know I am but let me tell you this amazing hack for your 2020 traveling (or any other year). Eyelash mascara and falsies can be a pain in the butt for so many reasons. This hack will probably be one of your favorites after hearing me out on why extensions can make your traveling much much better.

Zero Eyelash Packing

Sometimes when we want our eyelashes to be really extra, it can take up a lot of space. You know what I’m talking about! Eyelash mascara, eyelash curlers, falsies for every occasion (+ the box), the glue for them, and eyelash brushes. Minimizing all of that has never been easier. Your extensions don’t have to be packed away because you'll always have them on. The best part about extensions is that they last up to 3 weeks before a fill! Get yourself that extra space, it’ll make your trip much better.

Easier Makeup Routine

Another great pro about having extensions on for your trip is that you won’t have to worry about your extra lash process when doing your makeup. I know a lot of people who spend a while sitting there trying to get their lashes to look perfect. Save all of that time with the extensions.

If you are traveling with someone who doesn’t really even do makeup, you’ll consider this even more. They can just roll out of bed and be ready for that special breakfast in two minutes, but what about you? Cut off that extra step with this hack.

Face Wash Hacked

The difference between washing your face after wearing mascara or falsies and washing with your extensions is a biggie. Mascara can get very messy and clumpy. Mostly when you’re in a rush, the residue of glue or mascara gets stuck in there. Extensions act like your natural lashes so that’s another great thing about them.

Another important thing to know about when traveling (especially if it is to a beach) is to talk to your stylist about recommendations when getting into the water. You do have to wait a bit for the lashes to dry completely and seal. It’s a good idea to get them done days before you head out. Getting into water is okay after the first 24 hours, as recommended, but make sure to rinse well to wash out salt or bleach.

What do you think about the pros of traveling with eyelash extensions? It is very convenient for so many reasons. Get your gorgeous lashes now! Midnight Lashes located in Denver would love to do yours today!

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