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What are the different lash styles?

So you have decided to take the plunge and finally try out lash extensions. The only issue is while looking on your local lash artists page, or googling lash extensions you become bombarded with images and names of styles you have never even heard of! Russian volume? Hybrid? What is classic? I remember the day I became aware of lash extensions. I was so intrigued and thrilled that there was a service that could knock mascara and messy strip lashes out of my life. Getting extensions meant I no longer had to wake up and fret over how presentable I looked because extensions would already be taking care of that. So I googled the nearest and highest rated lash artists in Denver, only to be overwhelmingly surprised I had no idea there were several styles to choose from! Google provided lots of info, however, all of the words and pictures sent my brain into an indecisive whirlwind. So let's dive into what are the different styles are and how to choose.

One of the first questions I ask new clients is what style of lashes do they want? The usual answer is "I have no idea! What are my options?' From there I will begin telling them the three basics:




Classic lashes are by far the most requested lash extensions. They are the first style taught to lash artists, and ideally, your lash artist will have this style mastered before ever venturing to the others. The technique is to apply a single lash extension to an individual eyelash. This extension will be chosen for a lash based on the growth cycle of your natural lash. If your lash artist is trained and certified, they will know how to do this properly in order to keep your lashes safe and properly growing. The end result will be your lashes but better! You could compare it to wearing mascara without clumps, mess, and time. Classic lashes will lengthen and thicken your lash line, and be perfect for those who like the more natural approach to makeup.

Hybrid lashes are literally the perfect combination of volume and classic extensions. Most techs will do a 50/50 style of volume and classic lashes. Hybrids are amazing for adding definition. Some artists will fill in 50% of your lashes with volume fans, and then use "spikes" aka, classic extensions to fill the rest. The classic extensions will usually be longer in length than the fans in order to achieve that "spiked" or "peaked" look. This will add definition and volume. Think of it like layers in your hair. It adds variation, and according to some (myself included), a less "fake look" that volume and strip lashes can have!

Volume lashes... Arguably the queen of them all and the reason lash extensions have become so popular! Here we have a look, not just any can, or want to pull off. Volume is for those who love glam and drama. If you like wearing strip lashes you will love volume. A fan of several lash extensions ranging from 3-9 lashes will be handmade by your artist to personally fit your natural lashes. The diameter of these lashes is actually smaller than the single classic lash, in order to make a fan safely without damaging your lash. Your lash tech will be able to tell if you are a good candidate for volume, based on the health of your lashes. If you have a considerable amount of lash damage, she will suggest waiting until they are at a healthy state to proceed. I have seen many clients shy away from volume, too scared to commit, and then find the courage to try them, only to fall in love!

Of course, a good lash artist will talk through any questions you have, and just by looking at your eyes help you choose the style most suitable for you!

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